Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another Santa for collection

Lobster Santa

I found this Santa at the same place I found the 3 Santas in a previous post. The Tiki Santa and the Cookie Jar Santa sold out already, so I have to go with Lobster Santa here or maybe Santa by the pool. My home is pretty nautical, since we sail whenever the weather on Lake Michigan allows, so I'm guessing this Lobster Santa might be the final choice. I'll edit this post to get a link to the store as soon as I find it. Here it is - Click here.

I also need to get the camera out and post a pix of the Santa Coca-Cola tin I picked up the other day in a consignment shop. Perfect condition, small tin, very distinctly Coca-Cola, but in the general shape of Santa, who is pictured on the front. Overall, about 8" tall. I brought it home for a $1. I love Christmas.

North Pole Mail - Letters to and from Santa

If you have mail going to the North Pole, you might still be looking for Santa's address. And there's a chance you're trying to find the route Santa uses to send letters FROM the North Pole also.

Here's the scoop:

Most Post Offices in the USA can route letters addressed as simply as:

Santa Claus
North Pole

There is something called Operation Santa Claus, which is headquartered in NY, and Post Offices that don't participate on a local basis will forward their letters to:

Santa Claus
General Post Office
New York NY 10000

If you're in a charitable mood, you can check out Operation Santa Claus and become a true Santa's helper.