Saturday, December 23, 2006

Santa's gearing up for big night - and packed for vacation!

Dateline: North Pole Santa is standing by the window, sipping a cup of steaming hot chocolate (special dark chocolate laced with cream) and going over last minute details with Mrs Claus while he watches the elves fasten down the last of the items on the overloaded sleigh. Santa and Mrs Claus are thinking about the joy of millions of children in the upcoming hours, but they are also dreaming of something else - their beach vacation that begins in just a few long days!

"Did you remember to put the shampoo in little bottles and inside a ziplock?" Santa asked.
"Not only that, but I remembered the underwater camera, the guidebook to the best snorkling reefs and there are extra batteries for the GPS", Mrs Claus replied.
"This will be the best trip yet, dear!" said Santa "I'm going to spend the entire month with less than 25 pounds of clothes on!"
"Well, you won't catch me out lying in that sun, but I do plan to spend some time tasting new recipes in the cafes", Mrs. Claus replied, "I really want to eat some of the local fish - anything that doesn't taste like sugar and cinnamon!"

You would think that after Santa's frenzied trip clear around the world this week, he would be ready to settle in and never travel anywhere, but you can see him here trying on his beach clothes and making sure the toys are handy. Road Warriers like Santa need some R and R and he's ready!

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Update: Sorry, these Santas are no longer available at this merchant. It's a sad reminder that when we see something that fits the bill, we should go ahead and take care of ordering it. Shop the stores featured on the sidebar and find more perfect Santas.