Friday, January 05, 2007

Santa butt beer ban reversed

In a previous post, we revealed that Santa's butt beer was facing a legal challenge because the label was deemed unfit for use by the State of Maine. Apparently, the label was considered to be something that would appeal to children.

Personally I think we should be that diligent about toy commercials, too, since they all apparently appeal to children, but.....

Anyway - now that the threat of children drinking Santa Butt beer over the Holiday season has passed, we get this news from MSNBC:

Santa Butt beer ban gets reversed in Maine
A Massachusetts beer importer has been granted permission to sell beers in Maine with labels showing Santa Claus and bare-breasted women. The decision to let Shelton Brothers sell Santa's Butt Winter Porter and two other European beers reverses a decision last fall to deny the company's application to sell the beers in Maine.