Thursday, October 06, 2005

I think one of my favorite Santasthese nesting Santas have the cutest expressions. It must be the tilt of the head and the big eyes. I have found more really precious art dolls at this site. As soon as I decide which ones are my favorites, I'm going to make a list for the kids so they can do their Christmas shopping for my gift.

They are just one example of the dozens of Santas at, which specializes in Folk Art like this, especially nesting dolls. This set of 5 Santas is about $22. They're made of wood and hand-painted in Russia. They ship about a week after you order. I'll post pictures of others as I find them. Not all the great Santas are nesting dolls. Most are carved wood and many are the tall, slim Santas in the International style that's been so popular this last decade. My post about the $1000 Santa has a picture that is a good example of the quality workmanship this import company represents.

The link above and the photo link both go to the online mall where I found these. The mall has the entire product catalog of Russian Legacy, not just Santas.