Saturday, December 02, 2006

Santa's the butt of a beer suit?

Pardon the immature play on words in the title, but I've been good all year, Santa, and I just couldn't resist. Our story is about a brewery in Maine that seems to have trouble with the State of Maine censoring their beer names and label art - almost an annual tradition.

The story is at MSN through this link The brew is called Santa's butt and the artwork on the label is Santa with his back to us, enjoying a brew. The butt is a play on industry terms, in that butt is also something to do with a keg of beer.

Cute, but no world-shaking. I fully expect to see an email circling sometime next year with the long sad story about the evil bad guys trying to destroy Christmas and a request to forward it to 8 of my favorite reindeer or my Christmas, or is that Holiday, stocking will be full of coal.