Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another Who's Afraid of Santa?

Here's another great Santa picture from the web site I linked up with a few posts down. This was one of 60+ photos submitted to a Chicago paper some years back about kids that were photographed while being scared out of their wits by Santa.

The best part of flipping through that album of pictures is seeing all the great Santas. Some are pathetic and some are unique and wonderful, like the one pictured here.

Secret Santa may be on his last run

This story on about a man who has played Secret Santa for decades and has just revealed his identity because this will probably be the last year he can journey beyond his Kansas City home and pass out money to people in need.

It's well worth a read - there's a warm, fuzzy factor about the goodness of people, and you might also want to add this man to your prayers and good thoughts. He has cancer and is now fighting for his own life.

Tis The Season

I absolutely love Christmas, even when the hustle and hassle get in the way of twinkle and joy. One of my favorite things is finding stores with Santas I haven't seen before. There are always a few, but this year it's like I hit the jackpot. Tonight I was browsing in a home decor store called Petals. I added them to my online shopping mall just because I liked their stuff so much.

Anyway, to make a long story short (I know, too late now!) I grabbed a few shots of Santas that I want to add to my personal collection of Santa figurines. This first one is the most unusual and maybe tomorrow I can remember to post my actual favorite.
Now - my gift to you, loyal reader, is the coupon link I found so you can get this one (or anything else on the site) for 10% off. I can't guarantee this link will work after December, so don't forget to use it soon if you're going to.

Petals 10 % off offer code WEB5105

Who's afraid of Santa?

I found this web site where a photo gallery has been posted - apparently some years ago, a Chicago newspaper asked for family photos showing people afraid of Santa. This is number 7 in that series.

I chose it because of the look on Santa's face. Did the Santa's of your childhood have martini lunches? That's what it looks like to me.......

Here's the link to the gallery:

This web site has a gallery of great Santa photos that show kids afraid of Santa

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Interesting Santa bits from other authors

I found the following at Fun Stuff and Pickle Soup:

The modern image of Santa Claus was created by Coca-Cola(Haddon Sundblom drew his first Santa portrait for Coca-Cola in 1931... which popularized an existing image of Claus.

In 1804, the New York Historical Society was founded with Nicholas as its patron saint, reviving the Dutch tradition of St. Nicholas as a bringer of gifts. In 1809, Washington Irving published his satirical A History of New York, by one "Diedrich Knickerbocker," poking fun at New York's Dutch past, St. Nicholas included... in Dutch, "Sinterklaas". Irving revised his History of New York in 1812, adding details about Nicholas' "riding over the tops of the trees, in that selfsame waggon wherein he brings his yearly presents to children."

In 1821,William Gilley wrote a poem about a "Santeclaus" who dressed all in fur and drove a sleigh pulled by one reindeer. On Christmas Eve of 1822, Clement Clarke Moore, wrote down and read to his children a series of verses; his poem was published a year later as "An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas" ...more commonly known today by its opening line, "'Twas the night before Christmas . . .")

Monday, November 27, 2006

Ways to bring Santa up close and personal

I found these Santa pajamas and slippers at Crazy For Bargains today. I like the Santa boxers and matching Santa hat myself.

Santa Claus Christmas Slippers for Women

Price: 9.99

These adorable Santa slippers are perfect for the Christmas holiday. They are slip on slippers.

Santa Red Flannel Boxer Shorts with Matching Hat for Men

Price: 12.99

These adorable Santa boxer shorts are dark red with white faux fur trim. They come complete with a coordinating Santa hat. The fabric is 100% cotton flannel, excluding the trim. These boxers make a great holiday gift!

Pink Santa Flannel Pajamas for Women

Price: 17.99

These 100% cotton flannel pajamas are pink and feature a Santa print.

Retro Santa Christmas Cotton Knit Pajama Pants for Men

Price: 14.99

These 100% cotton lounge pants for men feature a Christmas print. They have a drawstring waist. The brand is Fun Boxers.

Red Santa-Style Fleece Pajamas for Toddler Girls

Price: 17.99

These adorable girl's Christmas pajamas are red fleece with white shag trim. The fabric is 100% polyester and flame resistant.

Wooden Santa imported from Russia

Wooden Carved Santa imported from Russia

This hand-carved wooden Santa Claus is almost 11 inches tall, carved from lime-tree, and imported from Moscow, Russia. Hand painted by a professional Russian artisan. The Russian craftsmen routinely cover these finished carvings with glitter and several layers of crystal clear lacquer (to make the coloring last for years). Festive pattern coat gives the Santa its gorgeous Christmas look. If there's someone you know who collects fine Santa figures, this is one they won't want to miss.
Price: 224.49 from Russian Legacy, Inc.

One of my treasured Santas from my collection

I took some pictures of my own personal favorite. This small figurine comes apart so that you can put an incense cone under the woodstove. The whole thing is made of resin or some lightweight plastic. I found it in a little antique shop in downtown Loveland Colorado many years ago and it's the first one unwrapped and displayed every year.

Here are two more views:

Here's my favorite store-bought Santa of the season so far. Everything Nautical was the source of last year's fisherman Santa and now this 13" Clothique(tm) Pirate Santa is made from resin and fabric then hand-painted and decorated in amazing detail.

To see him up close and maybe send him to your house,
Click here