Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finding more Santas

It's the best time of year for finding Santa, of course. It seems like I find a fabulous one daily this year. I hope you like this one.

Here's where I found it:

Russian Mystery

I believe in Santa Claus

I Believe in Santa
I Believe in Santa
Art Print

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Framed&, Mounted

Santa's dreaming of a White Christmas

OK - Here's a link with the Flash Santa Dreaming of a White Christmas that worked when I posted it Christmas Eve, 2006.

This post has been edited numerous times trying to keep a current copy.

I guess the server crashed from the email traffic or something - it doesn't work here or from the original email anymore. That's too bad - it was cool.

I got this link in my email yesterday or the day before. It is so cool. It appears to be the Flash Christmas card created by this guy back in 2002. I think you'll get a kick out of it. We've been trying to identify the singer but we're coming up zero. Please let us know if you figure it out, OK?

It's the Drifters - and it's apparently becoming a hard-to-find classic.

You might need a Flash player to view it. Well worth it. Turn your sound on!

United States Air Force Holiday Concert

Rockford, Illinois
Yesterday the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America presented their holiday concert "Celebrate the Season" at the Coronado Theatre in downtown Rockford. We attended the afternoon show; it was our first time for this particular event.

We were entirely thrilled with everything from the beautiful Christmas music, the talented singers who performed tributes to Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys and even Elvis. There was more than I could ever recap here, but the part that was especially touching was when they invited all the children in the audience to come up on stage and sit around the narrator of a Christmas story - The Polar Express. Accompanied by a slide show and musical background, the children's story came to life for all of us, but watching the rapt attention of tiny little kids and medium kids dressed for the season was delightful.

Mr. And Mrs. Claus

Just as the story ended, who should arrive but Santa ! Mrs. Claus came along for the visit to Rockford; she explained that the elves were loading the sleigh and Santa needed a nice weekend of rest before the big night. Mr and Mrs Claus sat on stage with the children and visited during the performance of "Little St Nick" by the psuedo Beach Boys and we all enjoyed every minute of it.

If you get the opportunity to see any performance by The United States Air Force Band of Mid-America, don't miss it. The one here in Rockford was a free concert sponsored by the Park District, Rockford Health Systems, and SupplyCore. Thank you, one and all!