Monday, September 19, 2005

Proof that Santa was here

This post strays a little from the art of collecting just the right Santa figures for your home. When originally published in 2005, there was a web site that sold a Santa-was-here kit and this post had a link to it. It has since disappeared and so I came in today (Nov 2006) to bring it up-to-date.

When my kids were small, I could fill out forms at the local upscale department store, pay a small fee for postage, etc. and get a personalized letter sent to each one of my tots and it really did tickle them. The first time was a huge wonder; after that they watched for their mail from the North Pole.

The gimmick was that you could get indisputable proof that Santa Claus was at your house. The box contained detailed instructions which you might need to set the scene. There's a torn scrap of red velvet and a plastic "Sleigh" license that Santa apparently dropped while forcibly entering your home.

The reindeer spend their down-to-earth time snacking, and they're not very neat or greedy about it - they leave some reindeer food on your lawn. There was a parchment Thank you card that Santa was willing to leave in exchange for a snack and best of all, are you ready for this - you also got a plastic reindeer hoof and instructions for using it to leave hoofprints on your lawn.

So - even though I no longer have an invalid link to a non-existant store here anymore - you could set the scene at your house by using the description above - if you have a houseful of little ones - it might make a great photo op for Grandma.