Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Best ever gift from Santa - Worst gift from Santa

I'm just curious - do you remember something that would qualify as the best gift you ever got from Santa? What about the worst?

Here's what comes to mind for me - there might have been others I blocked out.

The best Santa gift of my life was a diamond ring that my husband saved for out of his lunch money back when we were pretty hard-pressed to even get the kids everything we wanted for them. I'm not sure he even knows that it's my all time favorite. I'm sure he thinks about the size and the cost, but what I remember is that he kept it a complete secret and he sacrificed something real to buy it for me.

The worst? I can't remember what I actually got the Christmas this is about, but I was in elementary school and the only thing in the world I wanted was a pair of those plastic roller skates you strapped over your shoes. My Mother was mad at me at the time (surprise, surprise) and Christmas morning all my brothers and sisters got a pair of those skates and I got something else.

Here's hoping you can only come up with a favorite thing - but please share both if you can.

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