Sunday, December 16, 2007

Google even helps track Santa!

If you're wondering how people in the know track Santa on Christmas Eve, I might be able to help. I've been thinking over my childhood Christmas surprises, and it seems like there were always a few furtive telephone calls being made while we were trying to get loaded up to visit Grandma on the other side of town.

Somehow, we always managed to come home from Grandma's house on Christmas Eve to find that Santa had been there already. It didn't seem to matter if we went across town early or late - Santa managed to sneak in and put our loot under the tree while we were taking Grandma her fruit basket.

Now the weatherman always seems to know where Santa is, too. I think I just found out how he knows. NORAD tracks Santa with their sophisticated tracking equipment and if you have a personal iGoogle home page, you can add the Santa tracking NORAD widget to your home page.

I added the widget just before I came to tell you, and it said we had 7 days and 13 hours to wait. If you want to go directly to the NORAD Santa tracking site, here's the link. Otherwise add the Google widget to your iGoogle page by searching Santa NORAD widget.

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